Workplace Explosions Caused By Unsafe Business Practices

Workplace explosions have been in the news lately, as we have discussed, with the fertilizer plant explosion recently in Texas.  When these explosions occur, they are almost always caused by unsafe practices on the part of the business owner and others in charge of safety.

United States work-related explosions and fires amount to approximately 5000 burn injuries per year, and account for 40% of all burn deaths. One type of burn occurs when there is an explosion in the workplace.

Other reasons for workplace explosions, resulting in burn injuries, include defective boiler lines and gas lines, or defective installation of such lines.

The presence of large amounts of static electricity can also account for manufacturing explosions. Gasoline and other explosives are clearly often cited as the cause of workplace accidents. Finally, workplace fires and explosions may simply be the result of inadequate training of employees.

Workplace Explosions = Unsafe Business Practices

Safety shortcuts by employers can result in years of misery, pain, physical and medical rehabilitation and reconstructive surgery for the injured employee. Because workplace explosions typically result in severe injury, these burns are often very damaging physically, emotionally, and psychologically. Men account for the majority of workplace burns in general, and the average age is 37 years. The average cost of medical bills for burn injuries is twice that of other types of injuries.

The Occupational Safety and Hazard Act (OSHA) has set standards for minimum workplace safety in a fire, including two means of escape that are free of obstruction and clearly marked, with portable extinguishers, and in the case of potentially hazardous conditions, there must be clearly marked signs informing workers of the danger.  Other state and federal regulations similarly apply to prevent workplace explosions from occurring

Plant explosions, chemical explosions, natural gas or other chemical explosions may be the result of negligence on the part of the employer or on the part of a manufacturer of equipment utilized on the work site. Workmen’s compensation may only reimburse you in part for your damages, which can include medical damages and lost wages. However, the cost of a burn injury may be much more significant than economic costs. Additionally, punitive damages may apply in the case of negligence on the part of a manufacturer or employer.

If you or a family member has suffered an injury from an explosion at a workplace, you may have experienced severe burn injury requiring extensive hospitalization and skin grafting.  Call the Burn Injury Firm at 866-293-2615 for a Free Consultation.