Fire Safety and Prevention: A Company Committed to Educating Communities

At the Burn Injury Firm, we are dedicated to helping burn victims and their families.  One way to do this is by providing people with fire prevention and safety education and awareness. The more knowledge we have about the causes of fires, handling them and preventing them, the less likely anybody will suffer tragic injury or loss of life due to fire or smoke…especially those that can be prevented.

There are some excellent resources out there for educating communities about fire safety.  One very unique resource that is becoming a world leader in this area is BullEx, a company located in Albany, New York.

Their mission? Simple…to prevent injury and death caused by fire, smoke inhalation, or dangerous weather.  They are dedicated to educating communities and schools, training firefighters, and working with businesses to prepare employees for dealing with various scenarios where fire can become a hazard. They do this in a unique and effective manner.

They provide tools to the community for realistic and comprehensive fire safety training.  Training can be tailored to the needs of individual consumers who are able to choose from a complete line of training tools, including…

  • hands-on training tools
  • search and rescue tools
  • Hazmat training
  • Large scale fire training props 

They will customize everything to fit the specific needs of your community, school or business. What I found to be especially valuable to those interested is their Public Education Training Package that is in the form of a mobile, fire safety trailer delivered right to your neighborhood, business or school!

They can safely incorporate live-fire into school or community trainings, or use digital products for extinguisher training and fire safety lessons. Click here to see a video demonstration of training in action.

Children can learn what to do in their own home if they ever see smoke or feel a warm door.  Community members can learn about emergencies in the home, neighborhood or workplace, from gas leaks to fires.

As if this isn’t enough, they also offer Severe Weather Training, complete with sounds and strobe effects to teach you how to react in case of emergency weather situations.

With such a realistic setting, every age group can benefit from these preventative measures.  Imagine how many lives could be saved, or injuries prevented, by having basic knowledge like this that many people lack.

Hats off to a great service offered by a company who appears committed, as we are, about the safety of others. Visit their site to find out more about all that they offer (  This is an excellent service provided to consumers at reasonable cost and can decrease the number of unnecessary injuries or deaths through education and awareness.  Nice work, BullEx!

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