Vehicle Fires

Vehicle fires are particularly dangerous for drivers and passengers because the car usually continues to move after the initial impact and causes the driver to lose control. If the gas tank of the car ruptures or leaks, the resulting fire can become fatal within a matter of seconds.

Defective automobile parts take a car fire from dangerous to deadly. When a car with defective parts becomes involved in an accident, this is known as product liability because of the manufacturer failure to create and maintain safe operable car parts. Some examples of defective parts that can result in burn injury for victims include broken fuel lines, improperly installed exhaust systems or mufflers, and damaged wiring, caps, filters and hoses. Since people rely on the safety of their car even in vehicle crashes, the failed safety of these products and mechanisms is the responsibility of the manufacturer.

One of the most dangerous problems related to car fires involves rear-end crashes between cars that sparks gas tank damage. More often than not, the studies undertaken after the fact determine that a faulty gas tank was at fault for the fires or explosions that occur during and after the crash. If a gas tank is determined to be faulty and victims have died as a result, this can warrant a wrongful death suit on behalf of the victim.

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