Radiation Burns

If a person comes in contact with ultraviolet light or nuclear radiation, the victim may suffer radiation burns. Examples of these kinds of burns are those that happen as a result of overbearing sunlight, tanning bed use, medical imaging, and overexposure to x-rays. Unfortunately for many undergoing chemotherapy, radiation burns are a common side effect of the radiation needed to fight cancer. Those people who work with x-rays and medical imaging on a daily basis are also at risk for radiation burns. As the x-rays and radiation penetrates into the cells and damages or kills them the skin’s natural reaction is to turn red around the site of contact.

Radiation burns can be extremely dangerous and may appear over a period of time. When severe, these burns can cause a person to lose time at work or their job and experience a lower quality of life as they treat the burns. The prolonged exposure to dangerous rays can end with skin damage and burn injuries.

The most dangerous aspect of radiation burns is that their effects may not be realized or felt for some time after the initial occurrence of radiation. Those who are suffering what they believe may be radiation burn injuries should seek medical attention.

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