Explosions can be some of the most dangerous causes of burn injuries because they are hard to predict and can result in numerous damages to property and to people. The most common explosions involve gasoline or propane. While propane is a very cost-effective means of heat and energy for water heaters, stoves, grills, and other household appliances, a faulty propane tank can explode and result in severe injuries for the user.

The injuries caused by a propane explosion are extremely detrimental to the victim; often victims must recover for months or even years, missing out on their income and their lives in the process. The effects on the skin may never be recovered, and victims may continue to live the rest of their lives with the horrible reminder of their burn injury.

Have you been the victim of a propane tank explosion? You might not be at fault- hundreds of burn injuries occur every single year as a result of leaking tanks, poor storage of tanks, inaccurate installation, or failed maintenance. If mishandled, the propane gas is flammable and explosive. Depending on the explosion, the victim might suffer via exposure to fumes from the propane, loss of limbs or use of digits, burns to the body, and even death.

The medical or funeral costs associated with the devastating effects of burn injuries are high, and victims deserve compensation and fair treatment when coping with losses.

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