Stephen Passen

Stephen Passen has devoted his entire career to helping victims of serious personal injury, medical malpractice and wrongful death.  He has recovered several multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements for his clients in cases often involving substantial burn injuries.  He maintains a national practice representing individuals and families across the country, and his law firm, Passen Law Group, is based in Chicago.

Mr. Passen is most proud that his courtroom success has forced negligent corporations to take a harder look at the safety of their products and their policies and procedures.   He understands that by vigourously representing those unnecessarily injured or killed because of the actions of negligent individuals or corporations, he can help not only his clients, but also the community at large.

Mr. Passen has substantial experience representing burn survivors and the families of those lost in preventable explosions, fires and other contexts involving significant burn injuries.  He recognizes that burn injuries are often devastating and present unique challenges for survivors and their families.

He also undersrtands that burn injuries are often preventable — if only the corporate manufacturers, the product distributors, the property owners, the employers, the safety manages, or others — followed appropriate safety practices.

Which is why he created the Burn Injury Firm as a resource for burn injury victims, their families, and their trusted advisers. He is dedicated to providing burn victims with the most relevant information available to assist with their recovery and to holding those responsible for their injuries accountable.

Mr. Passen can be reached toll free at 866-293-2615 or via email at spassen@burninjuryfirm.com.